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Welcome to Studio

Studio helps manage your online courses, so you can focus on teaching them

Studio's Many Features

  1. Studio Helps You Keep Your Courses Organized
    Studio Helps You Keep Your Courses Organized
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    Keeping Your Course Organized

    The backbone of your course is how it is organized. Studio offers an Outline editor, providing a simple hierarchy and easy drag and drop to help you and your students stay organized.

    • Simple Organization For Content

      Studio uses a simple hierarchy of sections and subsections to organize your content.

    • Change Your Mind Anytime

      Draft your outline and build content anywhere. Simple drag and drop tools let you reorganize quickly.

    • Go A Week Or A Semester At A Time

      Build and release sections to your students incrementally. You don't have to have it all done at once.

  2. Learning is More than Just Lectures
    Learning is More than Just Lectures
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    Learning is More than Just Lectures

    Studio lets you weave your content together in a way that reinforces learning. Insert videos, discussions, and a wide variety of exercises with just a few clicks.

    • Create Learning Pathways

      Help your students understand one concept at a time with multimedia, HTML, and exercises.

    • Work Visually, Organize Quickly

      Work visually and see exactly what your students will see. Reorganize all your content with drag and drop.

    • A Broad Library of Problem Types

      It's more than just multiple choice. Studio supports more than a dozen types of problems to challenge your learners.

  3. Studio Gives You Simple, Fast, and Incremental Publishing. With Friends.
    Studio Gives You Simple, Fast, and Incremental Publishing. With Friends.
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    Simple, Fast, and Incremental Publishing. With Friends.

    Studio works like web applications you already know, yet understands how you build curriculum. Instant publishing to the web when you want it, incremental release when it makes sense. And with co-authors, you can have a whole team building a course, together.

    • Instant Changes

      Caught a bug? No problem. When you want, your changes go live when you click Save.

    • Release-On Date Publishing

      When you've finished a section, pick when you want it to go live and Studio takes care of the rest. Build your course incrementally.

    • Work in Teams

      Co-authors have full access to all the same authoring tools. Make your course better through a team effort.

Outlining Your Course

Simple two-level outline to organize your course. Drag and drop, and see your course at a glance.
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More than Just Lectures

Quickly create videos, text snippets, inline discussions, and a variety of problem types.
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Publishing on Date

Simply set the date of a section or subsection, and Studio will publish it to your students for you.
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